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Notification of absences

Attendance at school is important to us at Hillmorton.

It is essential that we know about any student absence.

There are various ways by which you are able to advise the school of an absence:

• Note to Office / Dean

• Telephone message

• Email message

School Telephone: 338-5119, dial 1

email:  admin@hillmorton.school.nz 

You may alternatively, email your son/daughter’s dean directly.

Please write in the Subject line of an email: Student’s name.

Please provide in your voicemail or email:

- The student's full name and year level

- Your name and relationship to the student

- The dates of and reason for the absence

- The expected day of return

- A contact phone number

If this is done in full a separate absence note is not required.

If there is to be a long term absence, this should be discussed with the Dean/ Deputy Principal or Principal.

Thank you for your support.

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