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The Careers Centre consists of the following spaces

  • seminar room
  • classroom
  • computer suite
  • offices


 You will find several staff here:

  •  Mrs Partel who will meet you and welcome you to the Careers Centre. She will make an appointment for you, organise your work experience, talk to you about any jobs that are available, book your STAR course and help you with your CV.
  • Ms Agnew is the Head of the Transition Department. She teachers senior students in their Transition classes, will help you decide on a STAR course and find you a Gateway placement or find you another suitable course. She too will help you with your CV or other work documents.
  • Mrs Stanley is the Gateway assistant who helps you with your placement and the work you need to complete to gain the credits from your work experience. She is the one that takes the gorgeous photos of you.
  • Mrs Jones is the Careers Adviser. She will call you during the year to talk about where your career ideas are up to. She will visit your Year 9 and 10 classes to help you with making your course choices. She will help all senior students plan their course for the next year as well as looking forward to beyond school. She works with Year 13 students each week so they know how to make good decisions about their futures.
  • Mr Nixon is a member of Careers staff and he helps students with their career ideas and course planing. 

Many people use the Careers Centre; they use it as a job centre, a place to  develop employment tools, a drop-in advisory centre, and the place to locate courses and general and specific information.

The Centre is the hub for connections to the wider community with students involved in Work Experience and the Gateway programme. There is also information for the various options beyond school including the Youth Guarantee scheme and the Trade Academies. 

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