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Code of Conduct

Visitors are to report to the main office on arrival in accordance with New Zealand law.

1. Students are expected to act with common sense and courtesy to all other students, to staff, visitors, and to the general public outside the school.

2. Students at school, as in any public place, are subject to the laws of New Zealand and are protected against offenders. Committing actions such as these are against the law:

  • Saying or writing words which are obscene, threatening, abusive or insulting
  • Physical or verbal abuse. Put-downs and bullying will not be tolerated.
  • Discriminating against another person on the grounds of their colour, disability, sex, sexual preference, race or nationality.
  • Theft or vandalism.
  • Forging documents or giving false information.

3. Attendance is compulsory, and students must be on time to class and to school.

  • Permission for leave should always be sought beforehand by written notes or appointment cards.
  • All other absences require a written note signed by a parent, handed in to the student office on return.
  • Students must sign out if they leave during school hours.
  • If students become ill at school, they will report to the student medical area. The office manager will normally contact the parents/caregivers before allowing them to go home.

4. Buildings and equipment are to be kept in the best possible condition.

 Damage must be reported to the Executive Officer as soon as possible.  It is normal practice for students to pay for repairs if they have deliberately or carelessly damaged school property. Example: kicking a ball through a window.

5. Classroom procedures are to assist the learning of students. The highest possible standards of behaviour and co-operation are expected from students at all times.


  • Follow instructions.
  • Bring appropriate equipment to class.
  • Pay attention and avoid interrupting.
  • Water is the only refreshment allowed in class. No eating.
  • Be on task

6. Out of Bounds areas:

  • Specialist rooms may not be entered without staff present. Examples: laboratories, workshops, horticulture area, hall or stage.
  • Some areas must not be entered unless students have business to be there. Examples: administration corridor, car parks, cycle stands, guidance office.
  • Students may not visit the shops at lunch or interval (Year 13 are exempt).

7. Taking illegal drugs, substance abuse and drinking of alcoholic liquor are forbidden when students are under the control of the school (see No. 13). Being present when these activities are taking place is also an offence.

8. In accordance with New Zealand law, smoking on the school grounds is illegal.

9. Not permitted in any circumstances: Students may not bring cigarettes, alcohol, lighters, illegal drugs, items intended for substance abuse, fireworks, chewing gum, stereos, knives, offensive weapons or potentially dangerous items. Staff may confiscate these.

10. Transport: Students are expected to use cycles and vehicles with care and to obey traffic rules and signs. Permits are required for bringing motor vehicles to school, and parents of drivers and of passengers (if any) must first give signed authority.

11. Uniform and Appearance: The tidy wearing of correct uniform or respecting the senior dress code is a condition of attendance at Hillmorton High School.

12. Health and Safety: Students are to conduct themselves in a safe manner at all times while under the school’s jurisdiction.

13. School trips and school occasions: Students are subject to school rules on school trips and camps, as they travel to and from school, while in school uniform and while representing the school.

(NB: Adult students are exempt from many of these rules. Details are available on request.)

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