Hillmorton High School
Tankerville Road
PO Box 33-115, Hoon Hay
Christchurch 8025

T: +64 3 338 5119
F: +64 3 338 1609
E: admin@hillmorton.school.nz


 At Hillmorton High School there are numerous computer suites thoughout the school, and a number of departments have pods of machines.

The Visual and performing arts have suites of Macs.

There are Ipads available for Student use in the Library and also in Years 7 and 8.

Chromebooks are available in several departments and also available for student use -individual and class from the Library.

Hillmorton is a BYOD School.

Students will be able to purchase devices through a trust.

The use of computers is integral to teaching and learning;

All classes have access to data projectors.

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