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Hillmorton High School has a proud reputation as an effectively functioning professional learning community. Social, cultural and academic achievement are inter-related and hence we have built a culture within the school which allows for individuality and yet has strong group cohesion.

Our staff and students are proud to belong to, to work and to study at Hillmorton High School. Positive relationships and an ethic of caring and respect form the basis for all we do at Hillmorton High School. We ensure that all students learn, we work collaboratively and we focus on results. Discipline guidelines are clearly established and consistently reinforced so that students have a clear understanding of our expectations. In this way we establish a safe and positive learning environment for all students.

Deputy Principals have overall responsibility for Middle School, Senior School and systems within the School.

Deans. The Deans monitor academic matters, behaviour, all round progress and provide daily pastoral care. The Deans monitor Year levels. There is a Year 7 and 8 Dean, a dean for Years 9 and 10 and deans at Years 11 - 13.

Tutors. Each whānau house is divided into small vertical tutor groups of 12-14 students. Each tutor group has a tutor who works closely with them to support academic goal setting, provide pastoral care and ensure school administrative tasks are completed. The tutors form the foundation for our pastoral network and are the first point of contact for parents.

Guidance Counsellors help students and their families by:

  • Offering specialist counselling services and advice when needed 
  • Helping them find their own good solutions to problems 
  • Finding ways to help them do their best
  • Running family programmes

Student Leadership

Year 13 Peer Support Leaders help in the Year 9 orientation programme in the first few months of the school year. They also act as role models and mentors within the tutor groups throughout the year.

Year 12 students have a leadership role in supporting Year 7 and 8 leaders.

House Leaders. Each of the whānau houses has a male and female House Leader who has responsibilities within their house. There are also deputy House leaders.

Throughout the year, there are many other opportunities for student leadership within the school such as managing and coaching sports teams, refereeing, and leadership of cultural groups and activities.

Student Involvement in Decision-Making

We believe that our students should be empowered to have an effective say in the running of the school. To this end, we provide opportunity through Whānau House Committees and Junior and Senior Councils for students to be involved in decision making.

Year 7 and 8

Year 7 and 8 students are cared for by the staff in this area but the students are also involved in house activities.

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