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Our Heritage

Hillmorton – Its Environment

The school site was once part of a large swamp extending from Lincoln Road to the Cashmere Hills. This swamp was teeming with life: eels, native trout, freshwater crayfish and was a rich food source for Māori. The raupo which grew in the swamps also provided material for a unique boat/raft called the mōkihi.

The name of the Upper Heathcote was Waimōkihi and the settlement near Sunnyside Hospital was called Omōkihi.

Hillmorton – The Name

Throughout the years there has been controversy over the spelling Hillmorton or Hillmorten. R.M. Morten owned land in the area and some people believe the area was named after him. However, the Lands and Survey Department ruled that Hillmorton was correct as it was the name of Rev Joseph Twigger’s farm of 1876 which was named after Hillmorton near Rugby, England.

Horomaka – The Name

Horomaka was a famous Waitaha ancestress who was married to an equally famous man. During a battle alongside the Upper Heathcote River she was killed and her body was left there. Rikki Ellison, the Rangatira from Taumutu (he is represented on our waharoa) designated the area of land between Hillmorton and Hornby to be called Horomaka.

The School Crest





The school crest, a Bengal tiger, was taken from the family crest of Sir John Cracroft Wilson – owner of the nearby Cashmere estate. The tiger was chosen because it symbolizes beauty, strength and fiery determination.

The School Motto






The Latin motto “Virtus Sibi Praemium” translates as “a good character brings its own rewards.” It also appears on the Cracroft Wilson Crest

The Koru and Maunga

This design represents – New Life/New Beginnings. The Koru symbolizes a new beginning of learning things Māori at Hillmorton, a recognition of how Māori identify with their culture. The black triangle is a mountain. The blue is the river flowing from life, the foetus, the beginning of life that appears in unfurling of the Koru.


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