Hillmorton High School
Tankerville Road
PO Box 33-115, Hoon Hay
Christchurch 8025

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Values and Goals

Our vision at Hillmorton High School is taken directly from the New Zealand Curriculum.
We want young people :

  • who will be creative, energetic, and enterprising
  • who will seize the opportunities offered by new knowledge and technologies to secure a sustainable social, cultural, economic, and environmental future for our country
  • who will work to create an Aotearoa New Zealand in which Māori and Pākehā recognise each other as full Treaty partners, and in which all cultures are valued for the contributions they bring
  • who, in their school years, will continue to develop the values, knowledge, and competencies that will enable them to live full and satisfying lives
  • who will be confident, connected, actively involved, and lifelong learners.

Positive in their own identity
Motivated and reliable
Enterprising and entrepreneurial

Able to relate well to others
Effective users of communication tools
Connected to the land and environment
Members of communities
International citizens

Actively involved
Participants in a range of life contexts
Contributors to the well-being of New Zealand – social, cultural, economic, and environmental Lifelong learners

Literate and numerate
Critical and creative thinkers
Active seekers, users, and creators of knowledge
Informed decision makers

“Personal Best – Nothing Less”
Whāia te iti kahurangi

Mission Statement
“Creating Better Futures”

Strategic Goals
The Rigorous Pursuit of Academic Success
Celebrating Diversity and Community
Developing Leadership and Independence

Ako – passionate teaching and learning
Whanaungatanga – a caring community
Whakaiti – pride and humility Mana – integrity, honesty and respect

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