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Why Hillmorton?

Reasons why we came to Hillmorton High School
·              High quality facilities
·              Small size has many advantages
·              Strong community feeling
·              Strong student leadership
·              Strong values
·              High achievement
·              House structure and vertical tutor groups
·              Students with disabilities, international students, all have a place
·              Relationships between staff and students
·              Anyone can be involved
·              A range of opportunities exist
·              Sense of belonging
      Members of the Junior Council
“In Year 8 at Open Night the Technology department and Automotive workshop caught my eye. I’ve continued studying these subjects in our work-like environment and plan to move into the Trades possibly through CPIT"                                                                                            
“Coming to Hillmorton was the best thing that has happened to me. I failed to get into other schools being out of zone. With Hillmorton being such a close knit school, everyone is just so friendly. The teachers really get to know us and the opportunities offered are endless.”
The teachers here are really good. They make lessons fun to be in, while still working us and helping us in learning new things every day.
“I went from the bottom band in my school, not knowing a lot, to receiving the top award of our school. It shows with hard work, determination, support from your school and a balanced lifestyle you can achieve anything!”
“Our teachers, every day, are absolutely fantastic. In all subject areas, teachers are constantly on the lookout for ways to challenge bright students or to help those who are struggling. Everyone who works at this school really does want to ‘create better futures’. So come to Hillmorton and experience passionate teaching and learning at its best.”
                    James Adams, Current student
“The benefits that our daughter had at Hillmorton are endless. Being a smaller school Hillmorton offers many opportunities not available at larger schools. Leadership in many aspects of school life is fostered from Year 9 and individual student’s strengths are utilized throughout their time there. There are many opportunities to participate and develop in sport, cultural activities and academia that a larger school could not provide to individual students. Students are encouraged to be themselves. This is part of Hillmorton’s unique culture which students thrive in. Staff at all levels display a passion for teaching and learning and this is evident in the relationships and rapport between staff and students. All teachers go the extra mile to support and encourage their students to do their personal best.”
We have our fifth child here now! We came from a much larger North Island School. We found Hillmorton’s size more family friendly” says Vern Hadaway, A staff member and previous a parent representative on the Board of Trustees. “It’s important too, to support your local school.”
“We came here on an Open Day and she fell in love with the place. The size appealed to me.” 
 “very friendly, personal and that it had a very diverse population within a family environment.”

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