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Upland Unit

Upland is a specialist facility for students who have been verified on the Ongoing Reviewable Resource Scheme as high or very high needs.

Individual Education Programmes

The curriculum is based on individual education plans (I.E.P.s), with goals focused on Communication, Physical Needs, Inclusion in the Community and Life Skills. I.E.P.s are developed in consultation with students, whanau, caregivers, teachers and therapists.

Students spend some time within the Upland Unit each day depending on their individual needs. The I.E.P. goals are the main focus of activities within the Unit. Skills associated with leisure activities are also taught as an integral part of the curriculum. This may include swimming, horse riding, sensory motor activities, gym membership at Pioneer Leisure Centre and Wednesday afternoon Special Olympic sporting events.

Mainstreaming Inclusion in the School and Community

Upland students are part of the mainstream of Hillmorton High School and are enrolled in form classes. They attend as many classes as meets their individual needs. All students have specialist support in the mainstream as required and can participate in all subjects.

Junior students: Generally Year 9 and 10 students have the opportunity to access all mainstream classes depending on their individual needs.

Senior students: Students continue to attend mainstream classes and some students work on achieving NCEA credits and NZQA unit standards. The curriculum has an emphasis on life skills and the development of skills for Supported Employment.

After Year 13: Students from 18 to 21 have regular supported work experience. The curriculum continues to develop life skills and there is an increase in community-based experiences.

The Upland Team

Upland has a multi-disciplinary approach with students accessing the skills of special education teachers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapist, music therapist and teacher aides. Other specialists are contracted in as required. The team specialises in developing individualised communication systems, functional and therapeutic physical goals for each student.

Enrolment Those interested in enrolling a student in the Upland Unit may contact the Head of Department, Jacinta Grice or the Principal, Ms Ann Brokenshire.

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