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Hillmorton High School’s mission is very simply: “To create better futures” for all our students. We have had international students at Hillmorton for a number of years and they contribute significantly towards achieving all three of the overriding goals within our strategic plan and our mission.

Goal # 1: The rigorous pursuit of academic success.

Many international students bring with them a strong work ethic. This has a positive effect on many New Zealand students. We have a roll of only 750 students, and the finance gained from international fee paying students allows us to offer a broad range of subjects in the senior school, to meet the academic needs of our students.

Goal # 2: Celebrating community and diversity

Our international students along with our domestic students make our student population very diverse. We work hard to develop a community where respect for oneself and others is central. International students help us a great deal in achieving this goal.

Goal # 3: Developing leadership.

Both New Zealand and International Students are encouraged to play a leadership role especially in the senior school. In order to ensure that International students' needs are met so that they can pursue academic success, we have a well resourced International department. The Principal has direct responsibility for International students and we employ a staff member who has much experience dealing with International Students. There is a Homestay co ordinator and each international student is also cared for by a whanau House Dean, a Deputy Principal and tutor. Each International student is placed in a small tutor group for their time at Hillmorton.

Key features of the International Student Programme

  • ESOL classes for international students, New Zealand permanent residents and refugees. These range from beginners classes through to English for Academic purposes and “Self Access” ESOL classes.
  • Opportunity to be involved in a range of co curricular activities - eg Dragon Boating, Outdoor Education, Stage Challenge
  • Mainstream domestic classes for international students
  • Regular management meetings of Principal, Deputy Principals, International Student Administrator,
  • Strong links with international and local agents.
  • Strong links with home stay parents.
  • Strong links with parents of international students.
  • Clear administrative and pastoral procedures to ensure safety, happiness and academic success for international students.
  • An inclusive environment where individual needs are met. We believe that our International student programme plays a significant part in “creating better futures” for both our domestic and international students.

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