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Hillmorton High School has a long association with international students and we welcome applications from students at all levels to become international students.

Currently, there are students from a number of different countries who have made Hillmorton their school of choice for study. Some are studying here short term, others stay for longer periods of time, many gaining national qualifications. International students coming to Hillmorton reflect positively on their time here and the opportunities with which, they were provided. All speak of the friends made and the advantages that studying at a school such as Hillmorton is able to offer.

The school has:

  • a teaching staff that is committed to being a professional learning community. With its commitment to the pursuit of excellence and the highest of pedagogical practices, we ensure that all students will learn. A culture of collaboration and a focus on results means that every student is assured of an education that is second to none.
  • a wide range of subject choice
  • opportunities for involvement in a variety of sporting and cultural activities
  • ideal size where students are able to be known by name and supported in small vertical tutor groups and whanau ( family-like)houses
  • a superb geographical setting, grounds and facilities • easy access to central Christchurch and other services and amenities
  • easy access to tourist and recreational activities such as surfing and skiing within wider Canterbury and South Island.
  • quality homestays
  • an international department which provides a full range of pastoral support

Read what some of our International students who are studying, or who have recently studied at Hillmorton, have said of their time here in our section ' Student Stories"


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