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Places to see - Friends to make!


I have been here in New Zealand for six months now and I have experienced so many cool things. I really love Christchurch for its variety of things to do. You can go to the Botanic Gardens to play soccer, you can visit the Antarctic Centre, or just have a look at all the shops in town. You can also go to Burger King or tramp through the beautiful landscape of Christchurch.

Being an international student is really fun. You can share stories from your home country with your new kiwi friends and the other way round. It’s like starting a new life because you hardly know anybody. When you are coming over you just know your host family through emails, but by the end of your stay you know so many people from so many different countries, and have so many new friends.

Staying at Hillmorton made it even easier for me to get to know people and make new friends, not only kiwi friends, but also some international friends so now I know people from many other countries. This makes it easier to travel to these countries and get to know them. I made an Italian friend and I am already planning to go and visit him when I am back in Germany.

Now I just have two more weeks in New Zealand and everybody is asking me “Are you looking forward to going back?” I really can’t answer this question because when I leave I will probably never see all my kiwi friends again, which makes me really sad, but on the other hand I am going to see my family again.

Danny Baule, Germany

My Kiwi Experience


I will never forget my first few days in NZ: always tired from the long flight, watching the Simpsons, but not being able to laugh because I didn’t understand much of what they were saying!

At school always hanging with the internationals. Then a Brazilian friend introduced me to a Kiwi guy, Toby, and that first weekend after my arrival I was already snowboarding at Mount Hutt with my new NZ friends! From that moment on, I have enjoyed every single day of my stay.

And now? Now it’s nearly time to go back home, back to my “normal” life. People back home always ask me: “How can you leave your friends, family, your girlfriend and go to NZ?” But I reckon that’s the easiest part. I already knew before coming that after a while I would go back. The hardest part is leaving the friends that I have met here! In 9 months you get used to your “new” life, like going surfing with your 17 year old Kiwi mate. This is the hard part, leaving all this, saying bye to everyone, knowing that the next time that you will see them will be at least a few years away. And people from my Association back home also told me, “It’s absolutely normal that after the first 2 or 3 months of excitement you will start asking yourself: “Why did I come? I want to go back home”. I’m so glad that I can say, “This isn’t what happened to me!”

I have enjoyed every day here; obviously there were some hard moments and situations to solve, but with the help of my great host family and my new and “old” friends, I’ve made it through those days. These last nine months have been by far the best period of my life. I’ve met heaps of new people, made some really good friends (who will be friends for life), visited many places, experienced the NZ School System (with uniform in Year 12 and the “Mufti” as a Senior), learnt the Haka and Maori Culture, eaten a Maori “Hangi”, met Daniel Carter (All Black #10) and been on the national News (for a Wellington Phoenix football game, nothing bad!). I’ve played cricket (a sport that as soon as I arrived I described as ‘IT SUCKS!’ but now I enjoy watching), bungy jumped, gone fishing, learnt how to surf (that was always one of my dreams), flown with Toby in his Glider and experienced my first Summer Christmas.

In nine months heaps of stuff has happened and I’m just so happy that about one year ago I had the courage to leave everything back home for this new, amazing and mean experience. I just want to thank everyone, my family, my friends back home, my host family, my school and my kiwi friends!

I would end by saying that a year abroad as an Exchange Student is something indescribable. You only realize what it is when you live it your self!!

Adriano Polli, Mr Italy

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